Alpine Ibex in 2012


Have you seen a real Alpine Ibex? Or do you even know it? Alpine Ibex; (scientific name Capra Ibex) is actually related to goats. It is a species of wild goats that are usually found in the highest mountain of European Alps. Its color varies according to season changes but its natural color is somewhat dark brown with some grey hair all over the body. It’s the same cycle with its coat length, it varies according to season, and this is their way in adjusting and protecting their body from the season change. They have tall horns that can grow up to one meter which is their key weapon against their enemy or the predators. The most interesting feature of an Alpine Ibex is its ability to climb in even the most difficult and highest slopes. They surely have gifted feet to climb on.

Alpine Ibex will it be extinct

Alpine Ibex will it be extinct?

Rare Animal?

Alpine Ibex is surely a rare animal. You can’t just find it anywhere as it can only be found in selective places. It mostly survives in Gran Paradiso massif (Valle d’Aosta region, Italy), which was reported that it was protected there and was conserved. It can also be found in countries like Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Slovenia and Germany. Unfortunately, the number of Alpine Ibex is decreasing due to some human population and the worse, “hunting”. In the recent generation, people are hooked in hunting animals. There are even organizations that pay to groups that hunt the rarest animals. The pictures below will show you some people who poorly killed an Alpine Ibex (for hunting purposes).

Should hunting be stopped?

Is this right?

What’s sad about this is that, we are losing our special Earth creatures and some now are only found in pictures or in books. Alpine Ibex is not yet close to extinction. However, if hunting persists, time can only tell if we can still see them if the future.